Adam: The Double Factor

Released   1998  
Developer   C's Ware  
Designer   Takeshi Watanabe  
Rating   -3  
Reviewed   2003 April 2  
Interactive Fiction
This review is restricted to the consideration of the program as a work of interactive fiction. I'm only considering the story, its flow and presentation. Any gaming worth is not considered.

Adult Content
This is a hentai drama, technically meaning it's for adults, in practice usually meaning it's pornographic. There are scenes of explicit nudity, sex, and/or sexuality. There are scenes of extreme violence and gore.
It is not for children.

Adam picks up the exploits of Kojiro and Marina four years after the events in Eve burst error. Once again, they have separate cases which turn out to be connected, and they must finally work together. Kojiro, a private investigator, must guard a businessman against an expected hitman. Marina, an agent in a CIA-like organisation, is investigating a series of brutal torture-murders. Not only do the two cases tie together, they also tie in with the case in Eve.

Unlike Eve, Adam has the full hentai pornographic content, along with extreme gore and crude language. Unfortunately, the porno is almost completely gratuitous, stopping the story with little plausible justification.

Properly speaking, this game should be the prequel to Adam, since Adam only shows up in a trailer for the next game that appears at end of this game. This illustrates the seemingly rushed nature of this game. The story seems inconsequential, all an aside to something else that we never see. The new characters might have been interesting, but they are never given a chance to develop. Since they end up being relatively unimportant to the larger series plot, the whole episode ends up feeling wasted. With no interesting character study, and no interesting plot developments, the story is just a boring interlude.

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