King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella

1988 Sierra On-Line
Designed by Roberta Williams
*) throwing bone to dog -- good use of real-time; you only have to hurry to
   type the first letter of your action
*) grabbing the fruit while the cobra is mesmerised -- ditto
*) escaping with the ogre's hen -- ditto
*) dodging the witches -- not too hard once you know what to do
*) avoiding the ogres -- this shows you who lives in the house
*) waiting for the ogre to come home -- okay idea, but it makes you wait too
*) avoiding the zombies -- good to show you the danger, and there's a proper
   non-real-time way to deal with them
*) avoiding the shark -- pointless and annoying
*) avoiding the troll -- pointless and annoying
These are all fatal. Some may be retryable if you escape, otherwise they make
you hope you have a recent save game.

The entire game has a real-time constraint, to mimick the 24 hours you have to
save Genesta and Graham (see the clock in the mansion). There's ample time
to accomplish all tasks if you are constantly doing something, but it forces
you to get the fruit sometime before defeating Lolotte.

There are some places where you have to carefully control your motion:
*) walking across the board to the island in the swamp
*) climbing the whale's tongue
*) walking in the caves, because of the chasm
*) walking off path to Lolotte's castle
*) walking on the platform in the crypt
*) going up and down the stairs in the mansion
*) going up and down the stairs in the castle
These are all tedious and annoying. The first 3 have some sense to them, but
the rest are ridiculous, way too difficult for the actual represented task.

There are several places where you have to wait for someone to appear, with
a random chance. These are a bit tedious, since you just leave and return until
they're there.
*) getting worm
*) Cupid
*) minstrel
*) Pan
*) whale

*) getting swallowed by the whale -- you first want to avoid it, since it
   results in a dead-end; when you get the feather, you want to go in, but the
   only reason you might want to go in is if you had been there before
*) the chasm in the caves -- how do you ever find it, except by dying?
*) must get the axe in the ogre's cottage before you leave with the hen
   -- makes sense, if you know the axe is there, but you might easily not know
*) have to stand at just the right place to give the diamonds to the dwarf
   -- it should be more forgiving as to where you can stand
*) jumping the clumps in the swamp -- 16 times! a few would be okay
*) give diamonds to fisherman before dwarf -- dead end, but it's a naughty
   thing that Rosella wouldn't do

*) wearing frog crown to get behind falls -- makes a kind of sense that fits
*) waiting for the ogre -- the hard part is that it takes so long, it seems
   like nothing will happen
*) shooting Lolotte -- a good, clever way to defeat the villain

The various ghost-quests are contrived filler, coming in order with the only
one you really need coming at the end. Restricting it to one or two would have
been sufficient.