Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel

2003 Her Interactive
Designed by Anne Collins-Ludwick
*) sliding-block arcade game
	This doesn't seem like a realistic arcade game, of any era.

*) rail foot trap
	I think this is timed, but I'm not sure.
	You just run through all the possibilities (6). It's boring, and the
	(nicely implemented) second chance lets you just continue on anyway.
*) arcade breakout game
	There's a simple level, but I still found it a bit tough, although I was
	able to win after only two or three tries. It fits into the story and
	locale well. I'm not sure, but I suspect it will let you win after some
	number of tries.
*) brass ring
	Simple, non-fatal, and repeatable.
*) haunted house trap (falling object)
	Simple action required, but you might not recognise the danger until too
	late. It's easy once you expect it; the second chance

*) rail foot trap
	There's no deduction involved, just trial and error until you get it right.
*) squid toss
	Weak trial and error puzzle.

*) ironing board
	The hard part is thinking to turn it off. Nice touch.

*) Harlen's locker combination
	Nicely hidden.
*) stenography challenge
	Not difficult, but a nice edutainment activity.
*) defeating the bad guy (finale)
	The scope makes it easy, but it's a nice solution.