Post Mortem

2002 Microïds
Designed by Stephane Brochu, Stephane Blais
Relevance / Mimesis:
*) fake picture differences
	If he's able to tell you that you've got them all, why does he want you to
	find the differences in the first place?
*) fake letter
	Once you fail with the fake letter, you should be on the doorman's black
	list. Even if you then present him with a good looking letter, he shouldn't
	accept you until he has personal confirmation.
*) hammer in toolbox (and breaking in to Hellouin's office)
	Pixel hunting. Worse, it's not there when you first look, so there's no
	reason to look again later. Still worse, you don't need the hammer, there
	are many ways to break a pane of glass with trucking across town to get
	a hammer!
*) lock pick
	Why can't you use the lockpick tools twice?
*) sanitarium maze
	Not well integrated, but a passable maze challenge.

*) drawing of suspect
	The witness descriptions are vague enough to fit several of the available
	possibilities for several of the facial characteristics. The result is a
	big, tedious trial and error "maze" to get the right description.
*) frescoe
	Extreme pixel hunting: you not only have to find the pixel, you have to
	linger over it. This is about as tedious as you can get. Your reward is to
	do a simple jigsaw puzzle.
*) final confrontation
	The correct result seems arbitrary: any outcome could reasonably follow
	from any of the alternatives.

Challenge comments:
*) ask for Pinkerton check on Sophia
*) bribe desk cop with wine
*) drawing of suspect
*) fake picture differences
*) lock pick
	Two places to use it, but you only have one use. There are alternate ways
	to get in.
*) picking lock with lockpicks
	Trial and error "maze". There's a little challenge in learning what
	constitutes a failed attempt.
*) distracting janitor (with football)
*) hotel room inner door
	Old, tired challenge.
*) hammer in toolbox
*) getting address from pad (pencil on underly
	Old, tired challenge.
*) sanitarium maze
*) orrery puzzle
	Clue is nicely hidden.
*) alchemy puzzle
	A nice chain of associations, matching numbers, elements, and planets.
	It's marred by the vagueness of some of the imagery. On the other hand,
	the game seems not to be too picky on the solution (I used a different one
	than a walkthrough).
*) number ring decoder
*) frescoe pixel hunting and jigsaw
*) final confrontation