1996 Daydream Software
Designed by Jan Phersson-Broberg
Hardly anything *is* relevant.

*) entire game -- overall 12 hour time limit, probably sufficient for most,
   but save/restore makes it irrelevant
*) piano -- (perceptual) a tone match
*) hand dryer -- plenty of time to put the key into the lock before the machine
   shuts off, and you are free to repeat

*) venus de milo -- I didn't notice her picture anywhere, but I wasn't looking
   until after I found the puzzle. If you aren't familiar with the work, this
   would devolve into a tedious trial and error combination lock.

Neither of these are original, but if you haven't seen them before they could
require a bit of head-scratching:
*) flower safe -- A standard variation on the "assemble N base vectors to get
   to your destination".
*) key weighing machine -- Two tests to find the unique object.