Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz

1981 Infocom
Designed by Dave Lebling, Marc Blank
There seem to be dead-ends, where either you must die or you come to a
dead-end in the game, where you cannot win:
*) determining the effects of the cakes (at least the first one)
*) getting the red sphere: I see no reasonable certain way to solve this
   without either killing yourself or destroying the robot (leading to a
   dead-end game)
*) discovering the effect of the brick
*) getting past the lizard-door: giving it the lighted brick seems reasonable,
   or the dehydration-cake, or the poison
*) smashing the aquarium
*) getting the candy: you can shrink and grow, but you'll then be unable to
   shrink again
*) running out of matches
*) burning the newspaper
For some of these, you can go a long time before discovering you're up the
creek, and still not know where you went wrong. E.g., don't bring the right
cake with you when you go under the table.
Additionally, how do you know to turn the lamp off in the crypt? I got lucky,
and was using the map.

*) the bank vault
*) the oddly angled room (the diamond)
Both require extremely careful observation. They are good puzzles.

The challenges are fiendish, and well designed in a way, but there's a
strong assumption that learning through resurrection is acceptable.