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Prix Aurora Awards
Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association
Association canadienne de la science-fiction et du fantastique

2008: Host will be Keycon 25 in Winnipeg in May 2008. Aurora 2008 details at prix-aurora-awards.ca Host of the new official website (approved at the 2007 Canvention business meeting) is Clint Budd.

As for this website, it will be getting an update(s) later this year as I sort and recycle the accumulated mounds of paper I have built up while working on the Prix Aurora Awards over the last number of years. I hope to bring the site up to reference standards for the history of the awards (1980-2007). And if you have info you think should be added, let me know. -dennis mullin, retired Aurora administrator

2007 Info

* The host convention for 2007 was VCON 32 (www.vcon.ca) held October 19 to October 21, in British Columbia.
Michael Walsh was VCON's Canvention 27 Co-ordinator.
Dennis Mullin handled the Aurora nomination process.
Clint Budd is handled the Aurora voting process.

* 2007 nomination form as a 1 page PDF file or in html format.
Nomination mailing deadline was July 23, 2007.
Formulaire de nomination 2007 en format PDF (une page) ou en format HTML.
La date limite pour la mise à la poste du formulaire de nominations est le 23 juillet 2007.

* This was a PDF version of the 2007 voting ballot (97k).

As well as mail-in voting with a recommended mailing deadline of October 10,
there was on-site voting at Con*Cept on Saturday, October 13
and on-site voting at VCON on Saturday, October 20.


2007 Finalists (book links) (Wiki page of Aurora links)

Jean-Louis Trudel's report from the award ceremonies (en français).

Best Long-Form Work in English
Meilleur livre en anglais

Meilleur livre en français
Best Long-Form Work in French

Best Short-Form Work in English
Meilleure nouvelle en anglais

Meilleure nouvelle en français
Best Short-Form Work in French

Best Work in English (Other)
Meilleur ouvrage en anglais (Autre)

Meilleur ouvrage en français (Autre)
Best Work in French (Other)

Artistic Achievement
Accomplissement artistique

Fan Achievement (Publication)
Accomplissement fanique (Publication)

Fan Achievement (Organizational)
Accomplissement fanique (Organisation)

Fan Achievement (Other)
Accomplissement fanique (autre)

Nomination stats:

 186 Total nomination forms received
 175 Valid nomination forms
  11 invalid forms (improperly filled out, etc) 

# of nominators per category:
2007 | 2006 2005
---- - ---- ----
  78 |  178   90 English - Long
 148 |  146  101 English - Short
  90 |  113   82 English - Other
  10 |   40    9 French - Long
  12 |   17    7 French - Short
   7 |   12    5 French - Other
  65 |  125   54 Artist
  14 |   98   48 Fan - publication
  63 |   99   59 Fan - organizational
  52 |   87   46 Fan - other
==== =  ===  ===
 175 |  268  128 Total valid nominations

What is an Aurora? According to my dictionary:


  1. A display of arcs, bands, streamers, etc., of light occasionally seen in the skies of polar latitudes.
  2. The dawn. In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of the dawn.
  3. The name given the awards presented annually for some of the best in Canadian SF and fantasy. Collectively known as the Prix Aurora Awards.

When the Canadian SF and Fantasy Association was started up in 1980 there was only one award given out. Since 1991 awards have been presented in 10 categories. There are 6 professional awards (3 english and 3 french), 3 fan awards, and the artistic achievement award (open to both pros & fans).

The Aurora awards are closest to the style of the Hugo awards (which are presented by the SF Worldcon) in the method by which they are selected. First there is a nomination phase to select a short list. Then a voting phase to pick the winner from the short list using the Australian voting method (this method has the voter rank their choices in each category).

Each year a different convention or group has hosted the awards. The awards are financed by voting fees, by donations and by the host convention. There is no permanent funding.


* Trophy info with pictures

* Year by Year History, including winners for each year. (1980-2007)
[You can also see the winners listed by category.] (1980-2007)

* Nominated books, listed by author, for English work (1980-2007) and for work en français (1980-2007)

* 2002 information

* 2001 information

* 2000 information

* 1999 information

* 1998 information

* 1997 information


* web links to sf and non-sf sites

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