OS/2 Software Reviews and Description

OS/2 Software Descriptions

Note: The software descriptions in this section were either provided by the company or from literature produced by the software vendor. These descriptions are of software that has been demonstrated or will be demonstrated at meetings of the K-W OS/2 Corporate Users Group. The information is presented for information only. Contact the software vendor for more information.

Accounting Vision/32
OnCmd Database

Accounting Vision/32

Accounting Software of OS/2

We all know that financial management and control is vital to the successful operation of your business. But did you know that there is only one high-end accounting software system that integrates with OS/2?? Originally developed for the 32-bit OS/2 platform, Accounting Vision/32 (AV/32) is the only high-end package on the market today that is native to OS/2! In addition, as a GUI-based package, AV/32 takes advantage of OS/2's Presentation Manager for ease of use and customization. With complete accounting and financial reporting modules, AV/32 is the perfect solution for the Corporate OS/2 user.

As a LAN-based package, AV/32 is ideal for workgroups, yet gives you the security option of restricting users from posting to specific account segments. With built-in local customization tools, AV/32 is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to modify all reports, screens, menus and fields. For more information on AV/32 please contact Intelligent Financial Services Inc. at 905-761-0414 or 1-800-563-8928.

Deborah Frankel, Intelligent Financial Services Inc.

OnCmd (xBase) Database

OnCmd harnesses the power and the speed of OS/2, enabling you to develop new or migrate existing applications from dBase, FoxPro or Clipper to native 32-bit GUI applications in the familiar Xbase database language. OnCmd's user-friendly development environment comes with screen painter, report writer, DLL/DDE support, 350+ Functions/Commands and is Client/Server ready. Unlimited Runtime and Server Add-on Licensing available.

OnCmd Version 2.0 now gives database power to end users as well as professional programmers with the new "Design/Build" visual application generator utility. In addition to many new commands, functions, and compatibility enhancements, OnCmd now sports a visual source debugger and Project Manager. You can even develop Internet applications with the new embedded TCP/IP sockets. REXX and SOM support are also now included in the OnCmd toolbox.

Check the On-Line Data home page for more information.

John Chambers, On-Line Data

OS/2 Software Reviews

NOTE: The software reviews in this section are the opinions of their author on the usefulness of the software and as such do not reflect advertising for the product or the views of the vendor.

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