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tlawson canada2.jpg (11838 bytes)


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2 cycle-6.jpg (91167 bytes)

From 1991 Cycle Magazine

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Rob Muzzy working on Lawsons Bike

tlawsons racer.jpg (16364 bytes)

Lawsons Racer

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w_rain1.jpg (43085 bytes)

Wayne Rainey's GPz 750 Winning Daytona Bike

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From 1982 Cycle Guide Magazine

real eddie-3.jpg (47367 bytes)

The Real Eddie Lawson From the AMA Museum

2real eddie-3.jpg (75699 bytes)

One of the 30  1982 Kawasaki S1's Ever made!!

tlawson racing1.jpg (13037 bytes)


tgadzrx2.jpg (12546 bytes)

Rob Muzzy's Drag Bike, New Generation ELR

tZ1000-s.jpg (11959 bytes)

Canadian Rhys Howard's S1 Race Bike

trainey83.jpg (12850 bytes)

Rainey's Superbike From Mr. Eckert

teddie poster1.jpg (4971 bytes)

                                                                          brochure-1.jpg (166347 bytes)

Canadian 1100R not sold  in USA


Other Peoples Kwak Rides

tseiji-r2.jpg (11938 bytes)

1983 Kz1000 R2 Sent by Seiji    from Kawasaki's hometown in Japan Kobe City

tz1000j-1.jpg (11214 bytes)

Picture sent by Takashi   1000R

tmids1.jpg (10890 bytes)

S1 Replica taken by Mr. O'Shea

tz1.jpg (12318 bytes)

Z1 by Hiro

tchuckelr.jpg (12624 bytes)

1983 R2 by Chuck

tmk2-1.jpg (5164 bytes)

MK2 by Mr. Kobayashi

2 z1rtc-2.jpg (74604 bytes)

Z1R TC Taken At Cayuga Drag Park

t73z1.jpg (5809 bytes)

Z1 1st year - 1973 Owner - Mr. Serizawa

t1100r-shimizu1.jpg (5036 bytes)

1100R sent by Mr.Shimizu

ts1-al.jpg (9568 bytes)

More real S1 parts than an S1 from Mr.   A . Rudeinskas

t1000r-trio.jpg (6367 bytes)

Photo from Japan Owners unknown

twhite99.jpg (12155 bytes)

Mr Bosschieter's Stock Polar white 1000r from Holland

tgreen machine.jpg (12158 bytes)

Mr Bosschieter 1000r from Holland

tKZ1100R.jpg (4429 bytes)

Kz1100R Canuck Colours

t1000j.jpg (14027 bytes)

Mr. Miyaichi's 1000J

tyellowz1.jpg (12211 bytes)

Mr. Van Wegen's Z1 Streetfighter, Holland

ttealz1.jpg (13472 bytes)

Mr Leach's 1973 Z1 USA

thindle1.jpg (11283 bytes)

Lang Hindle's Canadian Superbike

telr2.jpg (13019 bytes)

Mr. Van Wegen's ELR, Holland (I like the number plate Idea)

tdetlef-r2.jpg (12719 bytes)

Beautiful R2 from Mr. Baum

tkarl kennel.jpg (11721 bytes)

S1 Replica from  T. Sinnige More to come

tzed garden.jpg (12984 bytes)

Wayne Gardner replica Formula 1 bike from S. Elliot

tmvc-001s.jpg (11056 bytes)

Z1 From T. Andersson Sweden

tp1010038.jpg (10178 bytes)

Harris GPz & R2 ELR from J. Howe

tz1000r.jpg (11470 bytes)

Z1000r from R. Kraus

tz1r micheal knoblneter.jpg (13169 bytes)

M. Knoblneter Z1R

tv and h ray leffingwell.jpg (11829 bytes)

Vance & Hines drag bike from R. Leffingwell

tr1jon tober.jpg (11372 bytes)

J. Tober Elr Replica

twheelie chuck hopper jr.jpg (12221 bytes)

Wheelie C. Hopper Jr.

Dont  Be Shy Drop Me A Line.   Thanks to all that have sent your great pictures !!

Feel free to send me any of your Cool Kawi Photo's  from 1973-1985 air cooled.




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