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Welcome to my home page. If you have any questions or comments about any of the content of this site, or you want to know more about me or my interests, please e-mail me (at ajy@sentex.net).


August 1, 2011:
Haven't really kept the news up-to-date. Anyway, I've created a few new websites recently. The first is War of 1812 Bicentennial, and the second, which is sort of under construction, is Canadian Transport Sourcebook. Check both of them out.
August 16, 2010:
I've recently created, for my brother, Ontario Sports Recruiting. If you're interested in getting recruited by the NCAA, you should have a look. Also, at the same time as I added this update, I also made a few minor changes to the site.
July 24, 2010:
I discovered a video on YouTube, created by Therese Fleming, entitled "The top 10 reasons to write". A fair bit of the facts come from James' Interesting Facts (now found at All Fun and Games). Pretty interesting... check it out!
July 5, 2010:
I've re-done the main page to separate content that's kept up-to-date from content that's not, and updated the wallpaper sitewide. I've also posted my list of top 10 songs of 2009 (about time, since it's July 2010 already).
June 7, 2010:
As previously mentioned, I've re-directed the facts pages to My new facts website at http://www.allfunandgames.ca/facts/.
May 20, 2010:
I've created a new web site, All Fun and Games, at http://www.allfunandgames.ca. The facts pages are now located there, and I'll redirect the facts pages to this new site shortly.

Pages Kept Up-To-Date

All Fun and Games [www.allfunandgames.ca]
This is what the former James' Interesting Facts has become. Contains over one thousand interesting facts in 45 different categories including Universe facts, ancient Egypt facts, and animal facts, as well as dozens of games and puzzles such as Sudoku, crosswords, classic puzzles, and others.
The Mathematics Lair [mathlair.allfunandgames.ca]
A math-related web site that I've created. Contains a variety of stuff of interest.
Calvin and Hobbes Index
Given the topic of a cartoon, find pages in the books containing related cartoons! All of the collections are indexed.
The Railway Builders [transportsourcebook.ca]
The text of the book The Railway Builders by Oscar D. Skelton.
My favourite ten songs of the past several years.

Elsewhere on the Internet

Other places where I can be found.

You can e-mail me at ajy@sentex.net.
Web sites of mine:
All Fun And Games (listed in the "Pages Kept Up-To-Date" section above)
The Mathematics Lair (listed in the "Pages Kept Up-To-Date" section above).
I am a more-or-less former (although I may make occasional contributions from time to time) editor and administrator on the English Wikipedia, and an occasional editor at some of the other Wikipedias, Wikitravel, and Citizendium.
Social Networking:
While I'm not a huge fan of social networking, I am James_Yolkowski on Twitter. Feel free to follow me, I'm not a high volume tweeter. I also own the AllFunAndGames account, which I use to announce changes to my All Fun and Games site and related stuff. I also have an account on LinkedIn and an account on Viadeo (the last of which I don't recommend).
I also contribute to some other sites pseudonymously; listing them here would defeat the purpose of using a pseudonym.

Pages No Longer Updated

The following pages are ones that I no longer update regularly. As a result, some of the material may be out-of-date (especially the web coding stuff). Regardless, I still welcome questions or comments about the material.

HTML, Javascript, and Cascading Style Sheets
Includes a CSS Level 1 Reference, a Javascript Style Sheets primer, my HTML style tips, and other pages.
Humourous Science Fiction and Fantasy:
My Atari 2600 pages.
Tips on Adventure, Asteroids, Pitfall!, and a bit on Freeway.
My Thoughts...
Perl programs I've written.
James' Hockey History Articles.
AutoSurf automatically surfs the web for you... try it out! Requires Javascript.
Miscellaneous pages.
Some of my favourite links.
About this site.
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