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Welcome to... Not Deaf Enough

This was and is the first web page for the book about hard of hearing children here at http://www.sentex.net/~candlish

Due to the negativities of boolean searches and a title which began with the word "not" it was hard to find. Furthermore, nearly everyone thinks my last name is Cavendish, and my father's joke of making my initials my name...so if you are looking for information about a wonderful book called Not Deaf Enough written by Patricia Ann Morgan Candlish (alias PAM)(alias mother Morgan on about.com) and (alias mamahohbear on hardofhearingchildren.com)  about her son Reid who is hard of hearing, and quite wonderful...and how all the family helped Reid too, then you are in the right place. 

And if you are surfing in through luck, then make sure you buy a copy of the book, before you leave... 

Parents Talk About PAM's Book

  I really enjoyed your book and was so happy to find your web-site. 



I have also purchased your book and currently going through it (what a great book!! Thank you so much!!).


PAM identifies some potential behavioral problems caused by his or her disability, and how to handle these. She has packed such a wealth of information into this excellent resource that you will just have to read it yourself. Even if you don't have a child with a hearing disability, but you know someone, anyone challenged by loss of hearing, I highly recommend this book. It made me laugh and cry repeatedly in a wonderfully therapeutic roller coaster ride. Most importantly, it helped me realize that the feelings I had were normal and I didn't feel so alone.

-Michele Burke. a terrific parent who now knows twice as much as I do.

It was so good to read your post.  I read your book Not Deaf Enough, and it has meant so much to me.  My son  sounds a lot like Reid.  There was so much I could relate to.  A couple of especially memorable parts for me were the page on which you described squirreling (I saw that behavior in my son too) and your description of dealing with a difficult child with Mrs. Pursed Lips watching with disapproval (I've experienced that scenario many times). 
Thanks for sharing your sorrow, struggles, and love and devotion to your son.


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