My little drawings have been published in Canada, the United States and England.

I was editorial cartoonist at The Ottawa Citizen newspaper, illustrated a regular
column at Maclean's, the Canadian national news-weekly, was a founding
contributor to The Idler literary magazine and a regular at Saturday Night Magazine,
a national general-interest magazine (1980's vintage), and many others as well as
an occasional illustrator for dozens of newspapers, magazines, advertising
agencies and nonprofit political organizations.

Other clients have included, in the U.S.A.; The Weekly Standard, The Women's
in the U.K.; Scallywag, The Oldie, in Canada; Canadian Lawyer Magazine,
The Financial Post, Smut; Canada's Porn Culture Review, Solid Waste and Recycling
Magazine, Hazardous Materials Management Magazine, Workplace News, Probe Post,
The Last Post, Books in Canada
and, first of all The Varsity, the student newspaper at the
University of Toronto where I was editorial cartoonist for two years after being thrown
out of the art program.

For several years, until the beginning of 2009, I was a contributor of comic strips to
the satirical magazine, Frank and Masthead, the trade journal for the magazine industry
in Canada.

I draw weekly cartoons for Law Times, a legal-affairs newspaper and a monthly cover-
painting for Solid Waste and Recycling Magazine.

My cartoons have appeared irregularly in The Spectator.

For decades Ive been painting pictures and exhibiting them in out of the way places.