In order to meet the growing demand for fuel ethanol, the manufacture of ethanol is on the rise in Canada. Ethanol production facilities meet the needs of several markets, including those that use ethanol as a fuel additive or alcohol for industrial purposes.

Ethanol Production
The amount of ethanol produced in Canada, for all markets, is 238 million litres, annually. The following table is a list of ethanol production plants currently in operation in Canada.

Producer Location Capacity Other Information
Mohawk Oil, Canada, Ltd. Minnedosa, Man. 10 M. Litres Wheat-based
Pound-Maker Agventures, Ltd. Lanigan, Sask. 12 M. Litres Wheat-based Partnered with a cattle feedlot
Commercial Alcohols, Inc. Tiverton, Ont. 23 M. Litres Corn-based
Commercial Alcohols, Inc. Chatham, Ont. 150 M. Litres Corn-based
API Grain Processors Red Deer, Alta. 26 M. Litres Wheat-based
Tembec Temiscaming, Qué. 17 M. Litres Forestry product-based

Production Growth
The support of the federal and provincial governments has been crucial to the development of the ethanol industry. Tax incentives, research, procurement policies and political will are providing a kick-start to the efforts of farmers, manufacturers and environmentalists to make ethanol an excellent alternative to conventional fuel sources for Canadians.

By the turn of the millennium, Canadian ethanol production for all markets should be at 675 million litres. Proposed development of ethanol production plants during this time include:

Producer Location Capacity Other Information
Seaway Grain Processors, Inc. Cornwall, Ont. 66 M. Litres Corn-based
Commercial Alcohols, Inc. Varennes, Qué. 150 M. Litres Corn-based
Commercial Alcohols, Inc. Chatham, Ont. Exp. to 300 M. Litres Corn-based
Metalore Resources, Inc.   75 M. Litres Wheat-based

New feedstocks
Iogen Corporation in Ottawa, Ontario is in the process of developing and testing a demonstration plant for a procedure that will convert wood, hay, straw and other agricultural residues to ethanol. The hope is that this new technology will result in further growth of the ethanol industry by providing for the utilization of new types of feedstocks. Research indicates that ethanol produced from cellulosic materials has the potential to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 70 to 90 per cent.

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