Canada's Energy Ministers Meet in Toronto

Canada's Energy Ministers are meeting in Toronto to discuss policy issues such as international competitiveness and sustainable development. CRFA President Jim Johnson participated in yesterday's open session with ministers and energy industry representatives.

"We believe the potential for ethanol in gasoline and diesel fuel can make a significant difference in our emissions output," said Johnson. "With growing concerns about the impact of greenhouse gases and air quality, ethanol provides government officials with a viable, sustainable, renewable option."

Johnson delivered an extremely positive message about the development of the renewable fuels industry, including ethanol, biodiesel and oxydiesel. Consumers can fill up with ethanol-blended fuels at 1,000 retail outlets across Canada. The use of E5-E10 blends does not require any modification to the gasoline-powered vehicle.

The three day annual meeting is facing a significant challenge in adopting higher air quality standards while addressing growing concerns for energy pricing.

Renewable Fuels - Canadian Journal

You can now download the July 2000 issue of CRFA's newsletter, "Renewable Fuels - Canadian Journal".

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Updated September 12, 2000
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