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Bryan & Bryan Inc.

Commercial Alcohols Inc.(CAI) is the largest ethanol producer in Canada. The company boasts a world-scale state-of-the-art 150-million litre plant in Chatham, Ontario and also operates a 23-million litre per year ethanol manufacturing facility in Tiverton, Ontario. Plans to build a similar plant in Varennes, Québec, are underway.

County of Minburn No. 27

Federation des Producteurs de Cultures Commerciales du Quebec (FPCCQ) is the location for the Eastern office of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association. The FPCCQ represents grain producers in Quebec. The producers have been working to develop an ethanol production facility in the province. (french language site - updated english fact sheet)

Ingledew, Mike: University of Saskatchewan

Iogen Corporation is a privately-held biotechnology company which is profitably marketing industrial enzymes in the pulp and paper, textiles and animal feed industries. Iogen has joined with Petro-Canada in developing ethanol production from wood and farm waste. A pilot plant will be operational in 2000.

Killam and District Business Development Association

Lawford, Hugh: Biosystech Consulting Inc.

Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Ontario Corn Producers' Association has a Web site full of information on the association, the latest news, corn production facts and figures, and has just added a great reference on corn and the environment. Corn is the major feedstock for ethanol production in North America.

Ontario Grain and Feed Association

Ontario Soybean Growers is active in the development of biodiesel derived from soybeans. While biodiesel is still in the development stage in Canada, efforts are underway to bring this environmentally beneficial fuel to market.

PARTEQ Innovations is located and is part of Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. PARTEQ has over the past few years, and continues to, develop new technologies in the area of renewable fuels.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., the world's leading developer, producer and marketer of agricultural seeds and microbial inoculants for use on stored feedstuffs. Established new Chatham, Ontario in 1946, Pioneer celebrated its 50th anniversary serving farmers in 1996.

PSI Process Systems Inc., engineers and contractors, specializes in engineering, fabrication and construction services for process oriented facilities around the world. Principle markets include corn wet milling, starches, edible oils, sugars and sweeteners, alcohol, food processing, specialty chemicals and package handling.

Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission is the location for the Western office of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association. The SCDC is our main office for biodiesel information.

United Farmers of Alberta retail ethanol blends at stations in Claresholm and Grande Prairie, Alberta.

UPI Inc. is one of the leading petroleum retailers in Ontario to market ethanol-blended gasolines at UPI and Co-op gas bars throughout southwestern, central and eastern Ontario.

Western Canadian Wheat Growers' Association

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