Grim Fandango

1998 LucasArts Entertainment
Designed by Tim Schafer
Lots of very minor bits, but the following require care:
*) sychronising the tree marrow extractor pumps -- this is tough because
   there's a delay between activating Manny and him actually doing the action
*) Meche's ashtray -- again, tricky because of the delay in control
*) finding Sal's body -- not really timed, but requiring excessively fine
   perception and control -- this was very annoying

The list here is long, but bear in mind that there are a lot of challenges in
this game.

Some silliness in the challenges:
*) giving Glottis the VIP card -- Why would you want to do this? You have to
   know that he would pig out on the wine and gambling. The manual hints that
   you should keep him *away* from gambling.
*) Chepito in the barnacles -- Why do they catch him, unlike you? Why wasn't
   the octopus attracted to his bobbing light while walking up? It's easy to
   solve this accidentally, but a bit irksome for the accident.
*) raising the Lamancha -- Why would you want to bust off the claw, making the
   chain even shorter? What follows is unlikely, and it's not clear how the
   chain can then reach over the lip without the crane arm.
*) giving Glottis the gelatin -- Why do you want to do this? Why does it make
   him sick, when the wine didn't? Why didn't the gelatin knock over the
   dominoes? How could you possibly plan any of that? It's easy, though, since
   there's nothing else to do.
*) spilling coffee -- They don't notice where the coffee comes from, look up?

Some silliness in the gameplay or story:
*) breaking into the vacuum tube system -- How do you know he will blindly
   shut the door behind him? By seeing through the narrator's eyes, AND by
   repeating the whole exercise.
*) the spinning sign -- It's type of magic is out of place in this world.
*) the vault door -- Why does it have to be closed before shorting the sensor
   activates the secret door?
*) Bowlsley giving you the gun -- Why does his attitude change so much once the
   door bell goes off?

Some examples of Grim's equivalent of pixel hunting:
*) the dead-bolt on the vacuum tube cage
*) the mug rack at the gondola station
*) using the grinder on the tunnel
*) find Sal -- This was extremely annoying. Manny is too small to see which
   way the ticket or his arm is pointing, and you seem to have to approach the
   spot from just the right direction, too.

*) fouling the vacuum tubes
*) getting the pigeon eggs
*) the tree marrow extractor
*) the beavers
*) getting into the racetrack elevator
*) getting rid of Naranja
*) the photo finish picture
*) escaping the vault
*) exposing Bowlsley -- it's a long time between the clue and the problem
*) defeating Hector -- but you're given a good clue