The Journeyman Project II: Buried in Time

1995 Presto Studios
Designed by David Flanagan, Phil Saunders, Michael Kripalani
Reviewed 1995 September 1

Rating +4 Linearity narrow
Reasonability deductive Connectivity moderate
Difficulty challenging Relevance moderate
Interface 1st paned simple Real-time minor

You are a member of the Temporal Security Agency, a government group that uses time-travel to study history and to protect it from unscrupulous chrononauts. Unfortunately, you've been framed: you're accused of stealing treasures from the past, to sell for profit. The treasures come from four time/places, and you must travel to them to uncover evidence to clear yourself of charges. You would also like to uncover the real villains.

Buried in Time is an excellent adventure game. It has beautiful looks and sounds. There is a solid backstory, full of detail. A distinguishing feature is its rich historical and pseudo-historical detail. This game might be more of an "interactive-documentary" than "-movie". There's also a good dollop of humour to help things along.

The challenges are occasionally difficult, but they are soluble with perspicacity and reason. They are well integrated into their locales. There are no red-herrings, which narrows even the difficult problems to a manageable size.

The (pseudo-)historical detail helps give a feeling of exploration. The game manages to be interesting, a little educational, challenging, and fun.

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