1984 Infocom
Designed by Steve Meretzky
*) There's bad, very long dead-end if you don't get the vilstu potion. You have
   to drop off the matchbook before the delivery, but it's easy and reasonable
   to have spent the time elsewhere, before even knowing about the matchbook.
   -- Major bug. There should be a way to get the potion after leaving the
   Guild. At least you will know where you went astray.
*) Another long dead-end: You can get by the dragon and into the mine without
   getting the swanzo scroll, which you need to win the game.
*) Getting the vardik spell (shield mind) is unreasonable to do the first time
   through. Under the time limit you barely have enough time to do all the
   required actions, and you don't even know about the hidden room or the rope
   weight limit the first time through. gaspar might be able to get you through
   it, but it would be tricky because of the cave-in. -- Maybe gaspar can
   redeem this. If so, it's okay, but otherwise a resurrection bug. Fortunately,
   it's an obvious save position, so it's not annoying.
*) When you first come into the mine, you can continue east or go down the
   chute. If you go down the chute, the game is lost in a long dead-end. If you
   go east and spend too much time examining the door, you will miss your future
   self and be forced to go down the chute. -- Not too serious, since the chute
   looks one-way and you should have the vilstu potion to encourage staying
   put for a turn or two until your future self arrives.
*) The first entry into the grue cave will usually be deadly. -- Not too bad,
   since it does look ominous and so you should have gaspar'd yourself.

*) Crossing the river. -- Easy to do, but there's nothing to indicate that you
   would want to, other than the existence of pulver.
*) Figuring out the coal mine sequence. -- Very tricky, likely silly.

The glass maze (getting swanzo) was a great challenge. The hall of carvings
(dragon) was also neat.