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This picture is of Pete and TracEy Pollard, at the Swift Rapids Rally 1994. The one road used has 170 turns in it's 12Km length and the highest average speed, winning the rally has been about 61Km/h. A very challenging road! This picture taken by Don Falby.
Audi quattro of at 1988 Black Bear Rally. This car always looks sharp.

Keith Townsend in action. First picture is at the Quebec Rally, January 98, and the second picture is at Rally Auto Charlevoix (Link here?) (RAC) in October 1997. This car quite interesting. It started out as a stock AWD Toyota Corolla. It first got a GTS twin cam motor, then a larger Camry motor that has been seriously tweaked. The hot motor works well with the light body of the Corolla. Keith managed a 2nd place finish (behind Sprongls) at Maine Winter Rally, 1998. Both of these pictures were taken by Joel Fournier, who manages to take way better rally pictures than I do!
John Buffum & Tom Grimshaw at "Defi de St. Agathe" 1987 perhaps. Not too often do we see an Audi "Sport" quattro around anymore.
Nuno & Isabel Pereira in their Clubman Mini, at the Swift Rapids Rally. The Mini was not at a disadvantage at this rally. The winning car had an average speed on this road of around 62Km/h. Agility is an asset at this rally, with ~170 turns in 12Km.
This interesting "Car" was built by Art Makenzie as a experiment. The car was driven at the 1996 Rocky Mountain Rally by Tim Bendle, to a 1st Overall position. It is a purpose built car, with a tube frame and the driveline of an Isuzu Impulse (Turbo Version). This picture was taken the morning of the event at the start location.
Swift Rapids Rally, Fall 1994. In this picture, there are two J.B.'s. John Belfleur is behind the Elantra, and John Buffum is posing with the girl. This was (as I understand) the first run of J.B.'s Elantra. It had just rounded the first corner of the event and launched off the first large rock. The lower ball joint had come apart and the car had continued to where we see it, with a LOT of toe-out. We were spectating here, along with "Miss Huronia" ( a local Chamber of Commerce sponsored thing, I think) and her chaperone. We explained that this John Buffum was a very famous person in the Rally World. The Chaperone then told her to go stand by him for a photo, resulting in what you see here.
STPR, 1996 This is the Ford Falcon Sprint that Bob Elliot has built for Vintage Rallying. Hearing it run sounded rally nice. "Who let that Stockcar out on the stage?"
Bighorn Rally, May 1994: Art Makenzie (Same person that built the " Buggy",above) has built the Fiero supposedly to prove that a North American carcan do well at rallying. When it goes, it is fast. However, as it is sohighly modified things are often not working. They don't have to take manyspare parts for service, as the whole car is almost all custom built. Ithas a Pontiac race engine, and modified suspension. It is an amazing car,and very impressive to watch in action. It can do as well as some of theAWD cars, and it is only RWD. Credit must be given to Tim Bendle who managesto control the beast!
Taken after the "Baie de Chaleurs" rally, 1995. This is me in my Reanult 5. Didn't think that a 50 Hp. car could get so sideways, did you? Well... It's can't. If you could look close enough, you could see my footprints in the mud, from the car to where I am taking the picture. This is the same corner that the Sprongl brothers went wide on and hit the far right end of the bridge and got lots of coverage on TSN. The entrance to the bridge is rather tricky though(Unless you are stopped and taking a picture, of course..)
Hinton Bighorn Rally, May 1996:. This is Barry & Sandra Latreille's Eagle Talon, which I have serviced often for. This is at the start, before the rally. For more Talon information, try the very well done TalonHome Page

Group B Peugeot 205 of John Woodner, at "Defi de St. Agathe" Rally in 1987. This was a really neat 2 day rally. One of the stages was a tour around the lake in the center of town, right on the town's streets. The pictures of the car with the back off were taken just before the start of the rally. With perhaps an hour to go before the start, it was decided to change the clutch. "No Problem" they said. "We can do that in 20 minutes...".
John Legros, in perhaps his first rally car. Mid 1980's at the Georgian Trials Rally. By coincidence, this year's Rally of the Voyageurs uses many of the same roads.
This is my 1969 GMC Ramptruck, on one of it's first adventures in 1984 perhaps? We were heading to Halifax from Toronto for the Highlands rally. On it's back is Tom McGeer's first rally car, a Mazda RX3. Being towed is John Legro's Celica. That rig was a lot of fun to drive. No power steering, no power brakes. The brakes were all drums, and sometimes you had to use both feet on the pedal. Pulling into a gas station whis this rig sure created a lot of interest, with the neat "Race Cars" on the back.
The Havas Team, after doing well at the Maine Summer Rally 1998. Left to Right: Diana and Andrew Havas, Myself (Helping with service), Driver Chris Havas, Dave Scalia (Helping service). Co-driver Eric Trembley is not in the picture, as he is manning the camera.