One day, Chris decided to become a rally driver. Some called him "Driver Dick". He did well at the game. ontop
But then, things went bad. Like all drivers..He did *it*. He rolled big. The car was done. So chris did what all rally drivers do. He went and prayed to the rally gods. (Thanks Chris, for taking the steeple down. Otherwise, it would not have fit into my camera's viewfinder) church
The gods answered, and people came from far and wide to help Chris out. view
Those people all worked hard, and lots was accomplished. Unfortunatly, not all of the helpers were rally types. Some of the boating types thought they could build a car that they would like, and that would do well at the STPR water crossing. Chris was thankful, but rejected this plan. Boatcar
Chris asked that we all try again, and this is what we came up with: A shiny red Golf. Red Golf
Chris tried out the new golf, and was pleased.
Andrew Havas: This man is the same person who has the two wheel drive record for racing up Mount Washington...
Chris liked the new Golf, and could make it go fast. (Chris Havas, on his way to 1st in class, and 1st 2 Wheel drive at Maine Summer Rally, 1998)
The Rally Gods were pleased, and all was well in the world.

And that's the end of the story!