Rally People Pictures !

Instead of more pictures of rally cars in action, I thought I'd collect some pictures of rally people in action. In a way, these pictures are a lot more interesting than cars going by..

You are supposed to enjoy them!

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-= Frank de Kat =-

Ever have 'Too Much' fun" ?

Lesley Suddard and Nancy, working a start control at Voyageurs Rally, 2000.
Eric Tremblay, Andrew Havas, and myself, as we are about to go spectating from the air in a vintage 'Stinson Gullwing'.
Larry, the pilot of the airplane above, when we went spectating from the air at Oregon Trails Rally,2000.
Eric Tremblay (r) and Tom Labrecque (l) talking in french to Eric Comas. STPR 2000
The LaChute Subaru Flag Girls: Marie-Ève & Veronica
Jen: "The hairdryer - one tool at a rally I guess I'm allowed to use."
Myself and Andrew Havas: We're discovering that Texas is a really BIG place!
Andrew Havas: Live, on stage! Photo taken by brave co-driver Rod Hendricksen
Melanie Kelly: Co-Pilote. Press release photo.
Some of the Nordic Motors team [Johan (l) & Carl Jardevall (r)] talking to Andrew Havas (center) at Maine Forest Rally, 2001.
Paul Choiniere at Mt. Washington Hillclimb, 2001. Great photo by Cat McKeen.
After the 'Bighorn Rally', Hinton Alberta, sometime in the late '90's. The first time that Eric Tremblay (l) and Chris Havas (m) had competed together. Dave Scalica(r) was Crew Chief.
L to R: Andrew Havas, Myself & John R.Allen at the Parc Expose of Prescott Forest Rally, 2001.
I don't know who she was, but she was sitting behind us at the USGP (2000). Good thing too, as she had the forsight to bring paper towel for the rained on bleacher seats. We didn't.
Kendall Rusell, at a rally somewhere..!
Doug Plummer, interviewing 'Miss Palmdale' at Rim of the World, 2000.
Jean-Georges Marcotte (at the far laptop) doing his superb job of the 'Instant Scoring' thing at the General Store in Oquossoc, Maine. Charles Bradley is standing looking at the other computer, wearing the white tshirt with sunglasses tucked in the neck. (Maine Forest Rally, 2001)
Nathalie Richard: RocketRacing's 'Boss' at Rim of the World Rally, 2000.
Myself, outside the Hugo Boss store on Rodeo Drive in L.A. (See 'California Roadtrip)
Eric Tremblay and Jon Nichols, relaxing after their great 3rd place finish at Baie de Chaleurs Rally, 2001. (It was their first time out in the car)
Eric Tremblay, doing a live interview at the start of the spectator stage. Rim of the World, 2000
George Beckerman (a.k.a. "gravel geezer"), exploring an old steam locomotive.
Chris Havas, on holiday in Wales. Checking out the rallies there too, of course! Picture by Cat McKeen.
Jen, in the ever famous "I've been in a truck in the desert for a week, leave me alone" look of death photo. Captures the true feeling of a long roadtrip....!
'Trucker' Julien Pilon, driving his rig, while towing back from Baie de Chaleurs, 2001.
Myself working hard on a webpage, sometime in the past...

When you go to a rally.... That's when you have 'Too Much Fun' !