Calgary, May 1995. This truck is called the "Toybox", as it hauls around Art Makenzie's toys (The Buggy, from up above, and at other times his Fiero rally car). There was a rumor that Art was building another Rally Car... Our Spy Photo shows it here first! (Really, it's the tractor from Race City, and it was handy to transport it to Art's shop in the Toybox.. Rudy does look like he is having fun driving the tractor..)
Olds, Alberta, May 1995. This was in the yard of a bodyshop in Olds, Alberta. They were going to put it on the roof of the shop as an advertisment, but had never got around to it yet. None knew what kind of car it was. I have since found out that it is a NSU Sport Prinz. For some more neat NSU pictures, go to NSU Pictures . There also some pictures of a NSU there that look a bit like a Renault 8, done up as a rally car.
Somewhere on route 302, in eastern Newhampshire, July 1995. This interesting train was in a lot on the north side of the road, with no running gear underneath. The train is called the Flying Yankee, aka the Cheshire. It's one of the original Zephyrs, owned jointly by B&M and Maine Central. It was built just before WWII. The train was on display at Edaville (See link below) from 1959 to 1993, when it was trucked to that roadside spot by Route 302. In Dec. 97 it was moved from that spot to an engine house for restoration. It is now owned by the state of New Hampshire, and will be restored to operational condition. For more information (And a really interesting Railroad page), go to the end of Edaville Railroad's Final Years.
On the back from a service location, at the "Baie de Chaleurs" rally, July 1996 While heading out to service we saw a crowd of people by the edge of the road, looking down into the ocean. We had no time to stop as we had to beat the cars to the service area. However, on the way back there were still people there, so we stopped to take a look. Down at the bottom of the cliff was a "beached whale". Not something seen everyday! If you click to the larger picture, you may be able to see the person hiking down by the whale, and get an idea of it's size. It's huge!
It says "Ghostbusters" on the side. Honestly! I could not seem to get it to be visible when I scanned the picture though. Seen on a side road, somewhere northeast of Burlington Vermont, on the way to Smuggler's notch.
The "Mystery Spot". Seen in the UP of Michigan, on the way to Alberta. What is the place? I don't know, as we never stopped. So it's still a "mystery"...
This "UFO" had landed one morning in front of the hotel I was staying in, while working in Vancouver. The aliens must have fixed it alright, as it was gone when I returned after work..
It's not clear if the "For Sale" sign in front was for the train, or the building. The owner of the train front was planning on restoring it...