Pictures Taken on My "Around North America Circle Tour", During April and May 2000. The main reason for this trip was to help Andrew Havas drive, and do service at Oregon Trails Rally in Tillamook, Oregon, and Rim Of The World Rally in Palmdale, California.

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Andrew Havas and "The Rig", in Beverly Hills, on Rodeo Drive
Another shot of "The Rig", in Beverly Hills, on Rodeo Drive
Andrew Havas and Tom Bier at the second day start of Rim Of The World rally.
Bill Malek & Eric Tremblay at the second day start of Rim of the World Rally
An 'interesting' bridge shot. Something I was accused of 'wasting film' taking pictures of.
The 'Coastal Highway', between Monteray and San Simeon, California. Incredible scenery,Incredible driving. Try to do it on your next Californina trip.
The Gucci store in Beverly Hills, on Rodeo Drive
Eric 'T' and Klaus, at Parc Expose of Rim of the World Rally
GoldenGate Bridge, in San Francisco. A truly 'cliche' photo!
View of the highway leading up to the lookout, where I was taking this picture from. This used to be the 'main highway' along the south shore of the Columbia river, east of Portland Oregon. Before the interstate was built, this highway was the only way to town. A trip from here used to take four hours. Now by interstate: One hour.
The Havspeed RX-7, at the same lookout. (Photo taken about where the van is, in the previous photo.)
Another publicity photo, taken on top of the lookout.
Another publicity photo, taken further down the road to the lookout.
Havspeed in Hollywood
View from the top of a rock formation in Joshua Tree National Park. Listening to tunes blasting from the van. The CD? U2's "Joshua Tree" of course!
Andrew trying to take a self portrait of us, catching rays (And, it turned out, sunburn). We are at the same place the previous picture was taken. I guess it works better if you look through the viewfinder...
Eric 'T', Andrew Havas and myself, after our sightseeing flight around Tillamook in the 1948 Stinson. As we were not running in the second day of Oregon Trails rally, we thought we'd spectate from an interesting spot.
Entrance to the Santa Monica Pier
Another view of the Santa Monica pier, from the beach.
"The Rig", rolling down the highway.
Tom Bier, working on getting the car extracted from the 'shrubberies'. The car had flown through the air, and landed high centered in the shrubberies.
Another 'cliche photo'. This time, waiting for the car to come into service at Rim Of The World rally. (They never showed up..)
A view of 'What happens when you parking brakes don't hold". This was just outside of the Tillamook Air Museum
When you think you've seen everything...