Pictures from Voyageur Rally

These are some scans of pictures that I took at this year's Voyageur Rally. Also there are some AVI Videos that I took with Roger Sanderson's Video Camera. He was too busy doing course opening to use it. But.. he did have time to converted the Video to avi format. But be warned: If you go for the video, it will take a long time to download.

(Click on any of the links for a full size picture)

Chris Havas

Incoming! On A3, after the Chicanes (Check out the passenger front wheel)

Same corner, but now in the other direction (A4?)

Real big file. Video clip of Chris on B3? (Coming out of the turnaround)

Ilana J. Rosenshein

On A3, after the Chicanes (That's Rich Sullivan in the background)

PetE Pollard & TracEy Smith-Pollard

On A3, after the Chicanes

Same corner as above, but later in the day.

4 Meg avi file, of PetE & Tracey coming out of B3?

The Sprongl Bros.

Frank & Dan: Situation Normal: Serious Sideways! (A3, Again!)

Frank & Dan: Makng even *more* dust!

Nuno & Isabel: The MINI!

The Mini, blasting by on A4 ( I think..)

Big avi video file. Again, coming out of the turnaround of B3?

So... That's it. Let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy downloading!