LOMA Society of Waterloo

The LOMA Society of Waterloo is a non-profit association consisting of members who have attained the FLMI designation. This designation requires the successful completion of 10 insurance industry examinations, and provides the member with a broad and extensive background of all aspects of the life insurance industry.

Most of our members are employed by our four member companies:

though a small contingent are employed elsewhere.

In 2018 the LOMA Society of Waterloo was once again the proud winner of Outstanding Society Awards for ...
  • Communications & Public Relations
  • Community Service
  • Education
  • Membership

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Volunteer Opportunity!

If you have enjoyed any of our events, or have benefited from partaking in classes to help with studying, I encourage you to help us, and your fellow Society members, by volunteering to sit on the Board. We can't do it without you!

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