Loma Society of Waterloo

Spring and Fall LOMA Classes

The LOMA Society of Waterloo is pleased to sponsor two in-class courses geared to NEW students of the LOMA program each Spring & Fall.

PLEASE NOTE: These courses are also available in online and self-study formats through LOMA. Check with your company Education Rep for more information on these options.

LOMA courses offered
FLMI 280: Principles of Insurance         FLMI 290: Insurance Company Operations
Life, Health and Annuities Company Operations
Instructor: TBD Instructor: TBD
please contact Loma Society of Waterloo please contact Loma Society of Waterloo

Classes are held weekly in the evening, and run 2 hours per week for eight weeks. The instructors have been teaching for a number of years and have a very high exam percentage ratio.

Although class sizes fluctuate, each class usually has between 15 30 students.

Please consult with your Company Educational Representative if you are interested in participating in future sessions.