ABS cannon page

ABS cannon page

My first ABS pipe cannon
Shoots 1.5" hardwood slugs at mach 0.5

4" caliber "Product launcher" ABS pipe cannon
Its not a potato gun. Its an ABS pipe howizer!

3" caliber improved "Product launcher" cannon
An improved design after my 4" canon blew up.

Ron Harding's potato cannon
Ron's potato cannon gave me the inspiration to build my own potato cannon

How to use an Ignition Coil
Safely trigger your cannon electrically from a distance.

Other crazy stuff

Building my own air gun
Using ABS cannon technology to build an air gun rifle

Fun with compressed air (videos)
Playing around with compressed air and 2 liter pop bottles.

Marble shooting crossbow
Back in the 1980's, I built a crossbow that could shoot marbles

Home made crossbow
Another home made crossbow I built back in the 1980's.

Jenga pistol
A pistol to 'assist' at playing jenga by shooting the blocks out of the stack

Dropping a heavy steel weight on electronics
This has nothing to do with cannons, but its in the same spirit

Experiments at squeezing juice out of crabapples and apples
Also nothing to do with cannons, but plenty destructive

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