More photos taken with my scanning camera

in my office at work

This one I took in my office, back in 1998. We were working on the original Blackberry 950 at the time, except that it wasn't actually named 'Blackberry' till early 1999. I didn't need a self timer to take this photo. I just started a full res scan, which gave me plenty of time to take a seat before it scanned that far around. The floursecent lights were close enough to what the scanner expected that colour balance worked fairly well for this shot.

One of many things I was working on at the time was the 'battery algorithm'. Hence the bench top power supplies, as well as several boxes of AA batteries in various states of discharge on the radiator. Every once in a while, there'd be a mysterious 'bang'. Took me ages to realize these came from my box of dead AA battiers. Fully discharged AA batteries will sometimes pop their seal with a loud pop and release their internal caustic goo. Not good when it happens inside a Blackberry!

Oh, and my personal brag - there's no other gadget I know of that could gauge the state of discharge of an AA battery better than the Blackberry 950. I spent a lot of time characterizing the surface charge behaviour of AA battieries to come up with the battery model!

old polaroid camera

This is a photo of my old Polaroid Land camera. I used a compact flourescent bulb in a desk lamp, which gave me reasonable colour balance. Back in the early 1980s, I could still get film for it, but those days are long gone. I also used this camera to take pictures on blueprint paper

three eyed freak

I took this of markus, but he moved as I took the photo. Kind of a freaky looking photo, eh?

daybed I built

I took this photo of a daybed I built at about that time. Towards the bottom edge of the photo you can see the tile grout lines and bed rail curve a little bit. This because the camera shoots with cylindrical perspective. Actually, you can recognize the cylindrical perspective from the blinds in the first photo as well.

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