What's new on Matthias's website

I have come to realize that a lot of people periodically check my site for new content.
Not that I add that much stuff all the time. I'm not a blogger.

But I do add to the list on this page when I add more pages. In fact, some pages that I don't have related content for on my website are only linked from this page.

Here's what I have added most recently:

February 2009 Two tricks for reviving computer hardware
September 2008 Test your skill at gauging straightness,
squareness and such with my new Eyeballing game
April 2008 Wooden combination lock model and finding
the alternate combination of locks.
Oct 2007 Put my new stock pattern website Chartgame online
Also a few new articles on my woodworking website
Jun 2007 Interactive flash based gear template generator
My crazy Binary marble adding machine
May 2007 Big Thunder abandoned ski jump near Thunder Bay
A Crazy way to clear a drain
New articles about building a daybed and a table on my Woodworking website.
April 2007 Touring an Organ builder's workshop
Started new woodworking website woodgears.ca
Roads so slippery you could literally Skate on them With a video!
Added a page of More photos taken with the scanning camera
March 2007 Describing a home made Benchtop power supply
Thoughts about Investment strategies
Horizontal boring jig. Optimizing my Table Saw
December 2006 Slide photographing jig
Converting ordinary shoes to swing dance shoes
November 2006 finddupe A windows command line based duplicate file detector and eliminator
October 2006 Wooden computer case-mod
Reorganized Insane contraptions page and added more pictures
Sepember 2006 Monitoring server health by clock speed variations
May 2006 Building a Bed frame
November 2005 Building a Panorama head and experiments with panorama stitching.
Added a video to my marble machine 2 page
August 2005 Exploring a slightly ruined section of the Great Wall of China
Added a short video to my Marble machine 1 page.
June 2005 Exploring bunker tunnels near Qingdao, China
April 2005 A write up about personality and programming style
Added video clips to my existing Organ page and to my
Marble machine 1 page. Also added some more recent pictures of me.
February 2005 Fast snowboard waxing with a heat gun
Building an igloo with a bucket
January 2005 Small height adjustable computer desk for working from home
Checking out a ghost town: Burchell Lake
My parents making apple cider
December 2004 Some thoughts about Cultural diversity and public services
and another rant about Why computer user interfaces stopped evolving
October 2004 Checking out an abandoned ski hill: Candy Mountain
September 2004 Building my own air gun
June 2004 ftpdmin: Minimal Windows FTP server for ad-hoc Windows file transfers.
Small airplanes and the environment:A moral dilemma
April 2004 A rant about Hardware as a trojan horse to sell software services
and another thought
January 2004 Igloo building experiments
December 2003 Flashlights, Fog and Digicams at Night
November 2003 Writeup on my 3" ABS pipe cannon
October 2003 Building an Apple Grinder
September 2003 Whats left of the Asam Sawmill
July 2003 Staticstically analyzing my web traffic
May 2003 Exploring ghost railways near Paisley
April 2003 Computer controlled table saw jig
February 2003 4" 'Product launcher' ABS cannon
3D pentomino solver program
November 2002 CD changing machine