Autism Society Canada
Consultation Group of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Terms of Reference

August 9, 2004

Mandate: The Consultation Group of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is empowered to provide Autism Society Canada (ASC) with advice and recommendations on issues benefiting from their experience as requested by ASC.

Membership: The group will be comprised of adults with a diagnosis of an ASD who have been nominated by the ASC Member provincial and territorial autism societies as candidates for the single position of Director-at-Large on the Board of ASC. 

Term: The term of membership will be two years, with the possibility of renewal by the nominating provincial or territorial autism society. If a member leaves before the term is complete, ASC will request that the provincial or territorial autism society involved make another recommendation of an adult with a diagnosis of ASD for membership. 

Representation: Members will be expected to represent their own views and there is no formal structure of representation from or to a province/territory. 

Chair: The Chair will be the adult with a diagnosis of an ASD who is selected by the ASC Board to be the Director-at-Large from the nominees provided by the ASC Members. The Chair will preside over the meetings or may delegate this responsibility. 

Meetings: Meeting formats will be determined after the membership has been established, and information has been gathered regarding what format is most comfortable and most workable for the members. Meetings may include a variety of formats such as teleconference, real-time online discussion, a combination of these two, or other electronic means. The administrative expense of holding meetings will be paid by ASC. If specific funding is obtained for a face-to-face meeting, then such a meeting will be organized by ASC. ASC will assist with the organization of meeting times, formats and meeting-related communication.

Decision-making: The Group will provide advice and make recommendations to ASC on the issues submitted to them by ASC. The ASC Board will review advice and recommendations. Final decision-making on all issues rests with the ASC Board.

Communication/Reporting: ASC will assist by providing pre-meeting communication, a person to record/transcribe the meeting and write the draft minutes, dissemination of minutes after meetings, making of corrections to the minutes (as directed by the members of the group), and will assist the Chair with bringing forward advice and recommendations in written form to the ASC Board. One or more members of ASC's Board may attend group meetings in order to facilitate communication.

Supports: All reasonable effort will be made by ASC to provide support for the successful functioning of the group. For example, ASC has contracted a consultant to help the in the constitution and at least the initial functioning of the group. .

Code of Conduct: Members will follow the ASC code of conduct. 

Review of the Terms of Reference: The Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually by the Group. Recommendations for potential amendments will be provided to the ASC Board. The ASC Board will review Terms of Reference annually as well as any related recommendations brought forward by the group, and consider possible amendments. All final decisions rest with the ASC Board.