No Autistics Allowed
Explorations in discrimination against autistics
The Misbehaviour of Behaviourists
Ethical Challenges to the Autism-ABA Industry

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How Many Hours Is Forty Hours?
Poster Presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research

An Autistic at the Supreme Court
The Auton Case: Application, Opposition, Order
The Auton Case: The Intervener's Factum
The Many Varieties of Being Written Off
An Argument About Autism As Catastrophe
The Auton Case: The Decision of the Supreme Court
An Autistic Victory
The True Meaning of the Auton Decision

Another Autistic Victory
An Autistic at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Leadership in the Autism Community
Values, Methods, Standards, and Goals
Signatures of Intolerance
Responding to the Petition Against Autistic Canadians

Autism and Ostracism in Paul Martin's Canada
Not the Usual Autism Letter
Autism and Extremism in Ken Dryden's Canada
Fifteen Questions About Canada’s Autism Problem
Is Autism Prevention Government Policy?
A Letter to the Hon. Karen Redman

No Autistics Allowed
Autism Society Canada Speaks For Itself
Accès inderdit aux Autistes
La Société canadienne d’autisme parle pour elle-même
Jane Stewart Responds to No Autistics Allowed
No Autistics Allowed Responds to Jane Stewart
Liza Frulla Responds to No Autistics Allowed
No Autistics Allowed Responds to Liza Frulla
Canadian Government Denies Existence of Autistic Voices
No Autistics Allowed Talks Back
Liza Frulla and the Impact of Autism
Autistics and the Impact of Liza Frulla
Autism Society Canada Celebrates Its White Paper
An Autistic-Free Autism Strategy and Agenda
No Autistics Allowed One Year Later
Autism Society Canada Builds a Ghetto
Autism Society Canada's "Proactive Approach"
Evidence of a Communication Disorder
We Are Not Your Community
In Response to Autism Society Canada’s Open Letter

No Thank You, Pierre Pettigrew
And Please Explain Why it's Wrong to be Autistic
W. K. Dawson Addresses Pierre Pettigrew's Concerns
The Autism-Related Ministerial Shrug...
...And Please Explain Why It's Right to Disrespect Autistics
Either Folly or Sheer Prejudice: A Rejoinder by W.K. Dawson

The Autism Behaviourists and Their Plague
Responding to Normand Giroux and Catherine des Rivières-Pigeon
The Word is Out About Autism
Canada in the Era of Autism Advocacy
The Ipsos-Reid Autism Poll
When Public Opinion Research Becomes an Instrument of Intolerance
Being Told or Being Told Off?
Reciprocity at the Diagnostic Interview
Is Autism a Plague?
Dr Victor Goldbloom and the Decision of the Quebec
College of Physicians
Not With Standing in Canada
The Unusual Status of Autistic Canadians
Bettelheim's Worst Crime
Autism and the Epidemic of Irresponsiblity
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