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The following comments were posted by a person identifying himself as John Wright, Senior Vice President of Ipsos-Reid, on a public comment board, which has now been taken down. Because of the general nature of Mr Wright’s claims, a conclusion was drawn that the only words which can now safely (without fear of lawsuits or other unspecified actions) be posted about various subjects are Mr Wright’s words. Here they are.

January 31, 2006

You know...I read all these comments a while ago and just let it go...my offer for poll questions at the time was indeed genuine--but for serious questions only. The window for that opportunity passed months ago.

But every time I do an internet search, your file lands in front of my eyes...as I suspect it does for others. So here's my considered advice after letting the e-mail and letters and coments below peter out:

What you should really consider is what you say about me personally and the company. It is available in the public domain...

As such, I give you fair and public warning that I will initiate a law suit for a retraction, damages and costs if I ever see anything again that crosses the line. Some of what appears here, I'm advised, already does.

John Wright
Sr. Vice President
Ipsos Reid

February 11, 2006

You know, I didn't issue a threat. Nor have I ever said anything directly or indirectly about those with autism or your group or anything or anyone else that could be construed as criticism or bias. Not a word.

On the other hand, you and your commentors have heaped scorn and bile on me, personally, and the company I represent alleging many outrageous things. "...someone should warn Mr. Wright that you are a litigious master- I suspect 'his line' has to do with not wanting to be called out on his mistake...". How dare you or any one of you think that posting this in the public domain is acceptable? 

Does this do your cause any good? Does this do anything to advance the issue? What makes you think you are immune from what you do?

There has been no manipulation, no cover-up, no mistake. You are free to go and publish your own poll on any matter you wish--there are at least 100 suppliers in the country. Heavens that you'd ever think of doing that and facing public scrutiny..instead, you prefer to see some grassy knoll conspiracy which doesn't exist. I'm not attacking anything or anyone Mike...it is the farthest thing from my mind...and Michelle, if someone has called you a criminal and you are not, do something about it and hold them accountable. It just easier to mock people or allege things that are not true from some cyber perch. Shame on all of you who continue in this way.

Michelle, in every dealing I have had with you, you have hardly been reasonable.

February 11, 2006

"You can characterized (sic) me and my actions as cowardly, deceitful, shameful and reprehensible. There isn't much I can do about this."

Oh Michelle, I never have or would do that. These are your own words...not mine

February 12, 2006

"You can call me "unreasonable"..."

Your words...not mine.

"Maybe we could poll some people to find out if they think that what Michelle wrote sounded "fair..."...

Or Camille, maybe you and all of those like you involved with your cause can stop this silly side bar stuff and go do a poll on your own on the real issue that concerns you, issue it in the public domain and withstand the scrutiny that it takes to be legitimate instead of hiding in the corners of some website taking shots.

I have never once personalized this matter, or criticized you or anyone else or your cause.

I repeat what I said before: there are over 100 polling suppliers in the country. Michelle wrote: "In Canadian society, people are allowed to disagee with public positions, public statements, etc, and are allowed to express opinions (or even get upset) about public positions and public statements". Yes, all of you can...but it must be done without invective and it must not cross the line. Govern yourself accordingly.

February 12, 2006

Without Prejudice

I am John Wright, Senior Vice President of Ipsos Reid and I have never provided my advice about "what is good for autistic people..." Nor have I ever insinuated or suggested that "...Non-autistic people quite often tell us how wrong and misguided we are, and instruct us in what we should say and how we should act, and in what services we should purchase."

I was very specific: those of you, specifically, who have decided to play in the shadows and make false allegations and/or make insinuations about me or what I appear to be should take responsibility for your actions and words and stop wrapping yourself in the flag of those you pruport to represent. By not doing so you betray the very thing you stand for: to be treated like everyone else in the world.

You cannot one minute want to be treated one way and then turn around and demand to do the very thing you disdain the most--to be marginalized on a platform of your own making.

I have indicated no threat to you...to characterize it in such a way is trumped up bravado to make you look like a victim. I simply am telling you that there is one set of rules and if you don't remove such falsehoods from your site (including the new accusation that I or my company have issued a threat) then I will be compelled to take action. 

Govern yourself accordingly.

The following are messages Mr Wright has posted on other comment boards on the No Autistics Allowed site. Those messages are being deleted from the comment boards and posted here.

February 13, 2006

You can begin by removing the "threat" thread on your web site.

I will give you 24 hours to do so.

February 18, 2006

To all that visit this site, hereby take note that my previous comments are now, in stand alone fashion, by way of another link and that Michelle Dawson has, by undertaking such, put all such statements out of context. 

Further, she has made conclusions and offered views and accusations that are false and misleading.

Withoouit Prejudice

Michelle Dawson continues to erase my comments. By removing my previous comments and segregating them she has left them out of context and as such they contrive a one sided version of the full commentary. 

She should understand, fully, before taking this down, that I fully intend to have a lawyer deal with this matter on Monday unless all of my comments or correspondence are deleted forthwith. If she cannot abide by a stream of context and commentary and instead resort to falsehoods, inuendo and accusations, then she has learned nothing from our previous discussions: while you claim to want to be treated like all others you instead create a platform of your own cunstruction and claim immunity due to your position as a disadvantaged group. This is hypocracy. If this is how you wish to deal with matters then you will deal with it in another forum. This is my last comment before legal action is commenced.

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