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Diplomacy Stuff

A link to my maps directory . This is a link to the Diplomacy maps I created and was involved with over the years. Here is an Index.

Once upon a time I created the Diplomacy Hall of Fame.

A copy of the judge codes I have assigned over the years is available (last updated January 2013). This is about all I do with the hobby these days.

As the Internet Boardman Number Custodian (BNC), I kept the BNC Home Page.

As the E-Mail Miller Number Custodian (MNC), I kept the MNC Home Page.

A copy of the Judge Statistics by Martin Protzen. Issue 40 (July 1998) is now available.

Other material is stored in my old FTP site . Here is an index.

Family Tree

Family tree can be found here and a full list of names is here.

Last updated in January 2013 by Nicholas Fitzpatrick .