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I have been running the Hall of Fame since 1992. There isn't much information here, but hopefully one day I will get around to expanding it.

The Future of the Hall of Fame

The most recent Hall of Fame was released in October 1998. This is basically the September 1996 version, with some 100 or so games September 1996 with some 250 games added. Another 2000 or so games were not added. It is unlikely that there will ever be another version, at least from me in this form.

How to get the Hall of Fame

The October 1998 Hall of Fame (Issue 21) is available from my FTP site.

The complete Hall of Fame

The complete Hall of Fame is approximately 2.6 MB uncompressed. It is available in two formats. COMPRESSed (*.Z) and ZIPped (*.zip). If you are using DOS, then you can download a copy of COMPRESS. The COMPRESSed version of the complete Hall of Fame is available here and the ZIPped version is available here.

The abridged Hall of Fame

The abridged version contains only entries where points were received. It is approximately 0.5 MB and is available only as COMPRESSed. The abridged Hall of Fame is available here.

The Top 100 Players and List of Games

A table of the top 100 players of all time and a list of all games included in the Hall of Fame (broken down by variant), is available here. This file is approximately 160 kB and is in ASCII text. Also available is list of the top 100 players of 1995.

Raw Data

I have always intended that the Hall of Fame be primarily a database of all E-mail Diplomacy games. This data is available for anyone to use in what manner they want. This data is made available in a package of three files. A database of the games, a database of all the player entries (this is the big one), and a text file explaining the data structure. The data package is available here. It is in ZIP format and is approximately 840 kB ZIPped and 4.9 MB unZIPped.

Other Hall of Fame Sites

There are two other sites that archive Hall of Fame material. Kevin Roust's FTP archive contains back issues of the Hall of Fame from Issue 10 to Issue 20. The Berlin FTP archive contains back issues of the Hall of Fame from Issue 1 to Issue 19.

How Points Are Awarded

Point Formula

Points are based on the formula Points = (N-W)/W where N = # of players (7 in standard, 10 in youngstown) and W is # of winners (1) or people who shared in the draw. Ie, in a standard game, 6.00 points for a win, 2.50 for a two-way draw, 1.33 for a three-way draw. Chaos games are deemed to have 20 players and Hundred games are deemed to have 2.33 players. If a player plays only a portion of a game he receives an appropriate portions of the points based on who was controlling the power at the end of the year.

Hall of Fame Point Eligibility

One of the most frequent questions I get is Is my game eligibile for HoF points? A detailed explanation of when games don't get points in provided in this file. This file was first written years ago.

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