Team Captain's updated contact info is as follows:
* Please note that RD3 has moved to Kings Sports Bar. RD4 and FD1 both have new Captains!

Fat Duck 1 Brian Cowell 519-546-6549
Fat Duck 2 Bryan Neath 519-766-2455
Italian-Canadian 1 Darron Glasgow 226-332-2286
Italian-Canadian 2  Scott Mackay 519-591-4401
Italian-Canadian 3 Richard Stahl 519-821-4217
Kings Sports Bar Paul McMullen 519-212-4236
Real Deal 1 Kevin Pratt 519-400-0575
  Charly Polsterer 519-400-3331
Real Deal 2 Sean Jordan 519-835-9221
Real Deal 4 Ante Hrkac 416-554-4843
Shakespeare 1 Keith Mason 519-835-0662
  Pat Martin 226-343-0943
Shakespeare 2 Mike Jacobs 647-302-1736
  Dave Kenny 519-731-2701
Woolwich Arms Jim Singer 519-802-9409
League Contact Pat Martin 226-343-0943


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Guelph Pub Dart League is a fun Dart League played in a number of the Bars and Restaurants in Guelph, Ontario. Games are played every Monday night throughout the fall and winter months.

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