The Chalker's "10 Commandments" For Keeping Score

1. Scorekeepers Shall Not talk while keeping score!

2. Scorekeepers Shall Not move about while keeping score, stand still!

3. Scorekeepers Shall Not look at the shooter, stand facing the board!

4. Scorekeepers Shall Not call out a score, of one dart or all three -- unless the shooter asks you!

5. Scorekeepers Shall Not tell a shooter what to shoot or what combination to shoot for an out!

6. Scorekeepers Shall Not change a score unless it is brought to the attention of both shooters (teams).

7. Scorekeepers Shall Not change a score - regardless - if that player (team) has shot again and a second score written down. An error in a shooter's score MUST be corrected before he (team) shoots again or it stands.

8. Scorekeepers Shall Not lean out to see where a dart is or is going nor shall he follow the darts with body or head movement!

9. Scorekeepers Shall Not show any sign of disgust or excitement while at the scoreboard!

10. Scorekeeper shall not drink or smoke while scoring.

Your rewards - the undying gratitude of players and team captains (till the next game!) and if you are lucky a "Chalker's Pint" (offered in some pubs and bars, when both players scores a identical).

Stolen and slightly modified from Sarah Parsons