Lord, Hear this plea of a darter poor
Whose darts hit wires and then the floor
I need thy help to win my game;
And to make mine a remembered name.

After the coin toss, let me diddle
Double bull, right down the middle.
And if the games are five-oh-ones,
Help me shoot a bunch of tons.

Give me a chalker whose counting flows
Without the use of hands and toes.
Who moves with speed to mark the score
But, while I shoot, moves nevermore.

And as the booze and nerves cause trouble,
Please guide my dart to the proper double.
And as thy will is ever done,
Leave me not with a double one.

Bless me with the skill and ease
Of Bristow, Lowe, Wilson and Rees.
One last request I beg, O Lord,
Please help me find an open board!

- AMEN -


The above borrowed from CyberDarts
Copyright 1997 R.C. Osgood.