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That Shonen Knife Comic

The primary feature of this page right from Day One has most likely been The Night I Almost Met Shonen Knife, my self-published minicomic about my true-life “adventures” at Shonen Knife’s Toronto concert in May 1994. If you want to see some pages from it, click on that cover picture over there. If you’re interested in getting a hard copy, more info is available here.

The coolest part is: all three of them have written to me to say “thanks” for the comic [of course I sent it to them, whad’ja think??!! ]. Their cards and letters have all gone into my Prized Possessions drawer, naturally.

And in case you don’t know this, you can write to Shonen Knife [and they’ll actually get what you send] at:

Shonen Knife
c/o Zero Communications
1-4-2 Gently Bldg. 4F
Chuo-ku, Osaka 540


Shonen Knife

World Exclusive!
Shonen Knife
live pix!

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