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I’ve always believed that one of the most important tools you can have in anything is knowledge, and one of the most important sources of knowledge is books. So what I wanna do here with the Small Press Comics FAQ Bookshelf is recommend some books of great use to the serious student of creating comics.
And the cool part is that you can purchase these books online, at discount prices, direct from the excellent folks at Books, just by clicking on the title! As easy as that! What could be more swell?
Note: in order to keep this page honest, I will not recommend any book here that I have not read personally. Anything you read about these books here comes from my own personal experience, okay? There’s still quite a few books that I’ve heard are great and I’d love to add them to this page... and I will, as soon as I read ’em!
General Comics Resources
Introductory Books for Young Beginners  [also make great gifts for young nieces and nephews!]
Instruction Books for “Funny” Artists [by which I mean the book leans in favor of cartoony styles, but there’s valuable sutff there for everyone, so please don’t pass these by! Some of the best books are in this section!]
Instruction Books for Superhero & “Realist” Artists
Human Anatomy For Artists
Other Useful Books Not Specifically About Just Comics
Inspirational Works of Comic Art  [in progress]
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