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I am Tom Goulet, a 41-year-old Canadian man. My interests are reading, art, science fiction, science, astronomy, physics, psychology, computer technology, free and open source software, linux, movies, fairy tales, children, children's media, television, all kinds of music, music videos, webcomics, humour, autism, society, money, business news, bicycling, maybe some other sports, the outdoors, freedom, human and civil rights and responsibilities, t-shirts, and maybe some other things.


If you want to contact me there's a page for that.


Hacking here means working hard to create a computer program, not computer crime or computer attack.


I started work on an encrypted peer-to-peer video chat program. Nevermind this project, I've given up on it. Use the proprietary Brosix for now. But I still love programming.

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