Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals

1989 Sierra On-Line
Designed by Al Lowe
Reviewed 2003 March 24

Rating -4 Linearity straight
Reasonability sporadic Connectivity moderate
Difficulty pedestrian Relevance strong
Interface 3rd paned parser Real-time minor

After being dumped by his beautiful island bride, Larry gives up on commitment and goes babe hunting. However, he meets up with Passionate Patti and they find something more than lust. Misfortune strikes, and in the latter part of the game it's up to Patti to find Larry.

Once again Larry jumps through hoops to score with a few buxom babes before finally settling with his newest true love. The situations are amusing, but too obvious to be notably funny. After the reversal twist, the plot takes a final turn into the twilight zone.

There are two or three good challenges, but most others are either easy or poorly designed, hiding behind the interface (e.g., parser problems) or requiring pointless resurrection. There's also one long dead end, where you can't complete the game right at the end because of something you didn't do a long ways back. Save often, and keep many checkpoints.

The copy protection is obnoxious. It's not just a one-time pass: you must refer to the manual several times throughout the game to get needed information. It's contextual, however, so it's mostly just a matter of taste. I wish they had shown the tourist pamphlet (the dressed up copy protection) in your inventory, especially since you have to use it as a item at one point.

The interface is the standard Sierra SCI engine. I have two major complaints. At one point, you have to work out, doing reps on weight machines. The number you have to do is randomly generated. I had to do 748 (on each of 4 machines) the first time, and my second play-through required 1022 each. It took over an hour to do them all! The display of the count screwed up when the total digits got too big, too. The number generated should have been limited. At another point in the game a character does a dance, which goes on for over 10 minutes (set to highest display speed), and can't be escaped. This is not an interesting or amusing cutscene, just a few frames repeated over and over and over...

This installment of Larry is not so much bad as tired. It's no wonder Lowe didn't want to make a 4th soon after: the Larry vein had been mined out. With no fresh wit to the story and poorly designed challenges, there's nothing to recommend. However, if you're running through the entire Larry saga, it's not a sharp stick in the eye, either.

Beware! Here are some spoiler-ridden notes on the game. They're only recommended for people who have played the game and want to see some of my rationale for my evaluations.

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