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2.31: But gee, these comic lettering fonts cost hundreds of dollars! Isn't there anything a small presser can afford?!

  • Sure there is! Assuming that the under-$40 WhizBang is still a bit too pricey for you, I've cruised around and scared up a few comic fonts for $10 or less! Of course, these are not as flashy or flexible, but all are fully serviceable, and at least some are every bit as attractive as their more expensive siblings. Just look:

  • I first learned about Dibs Display Caps from seeing it in Randy Glasbergen's cartoons and thinking it had a great cartoony, comic-strippy look while still being neat.
    So far I haven't found it available for download online, but I know this font is available on CD-ROM. My copy of Dibs is on SoftKey's Key Fonts Plus for Windows, which has over 1200 other fonts on it and I picked up in an office supply store for five bucks! It could easily be found on other CD-ROMs, too, so shop around.
    Randy uses a Mac and he got his Dibs on CD-ROM also, so we know that the Mac version exists too, okay?
  • As you can tell, I like Dupuy! It has a great comics look similar to Dibs Display Caps, but comes in a wider family of styles. I've found scattered bits of parts of Dupuy scattered over the Web [Type 1 for the Mac, compressed files for Windows that were corrupt and wouldn't open, etc.], but no one single good online source for TrueType.
    I got my full set of Dupuy fonts on a CD-ROM called CD Font Pack for Windows Vol 1 from Software Solutions. I got it as a present, so I can't say for sure how much it's worth, but it looks like one of those "cheapie knock-off CD-ROMs fulla shareware" that you can find mighty cheap nowadays. So I expect you can pick up this very nifty font for a few bucks with any luck -- either on this CD-ROM or some other budget font collection. Keep your eyes peeled: for five or ten bucks, if you get a full set of Dupuy, there's your money's worth, all the other fonts are gravy!
  • Hopefully one of these will be right for you: each one of them has its fans. As I find more that seem especially suited to comics work, I'll add them here!

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    John MacLeod