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March 20, 1998
I often get questions from visitors to my Small Press Comics Chat page about self-publishing comics [in fact, I actively encourage them!]. So I've assembled some of the Frequently Asked Questions here [duh].


I personally am not an "expert", okay? My word is not law as far as small press comics go: I'm just someone who decided to do this when it looked like no one else was gonna. These are my views, my opinions, and not much else. They're opinions derived from ten years' worth of sporadic experience in small press comics, but there are plenty of people with a lot more, and with very different viewpoints --- which they are welcome to share at any time.
Let's get on with it, shall we?
1: So what are small press comics, anyway?
2: What should I draw with/on/etc? March 20, 1998
3: How do I get my comic published?
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4:The RAQ: [Rarely Asked Questions]
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