-Gizmo #2 cover-
I've been a fan of Gizmo since the first issue came out. Not the first issue that Mirage printed but the very first issue that Chance printed. When I found out that the Words & Pictures Museum was selling off some artwork and saw the Gizmo cover it took me all of two seconds to get my money out. This artwork never saw print as the actual cover to issue #2 in this form. Michael did some gorgeous airbrush work on the final version and I don't know if this black and white artwork was used to help create that or not. However this did see print in the back of the first issue of Gizmo from Mirage. It was used to promote the second issue and could be seen pretty much as you see it here. Having this artwork in my collection makes me a very happy camper. This is the first Michael Dooney Gizmo page that I own and I certainly hope it's not the last.

-Words & Pictures Museum-
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Artwork © Michael Dooney. Used with permission.