This section of the site focuses on the artwork that my friends own. Hence the name Friends Folios. I hope you enjoy their collections as much as they do. Click their names to see their collections.

I've only know Kevin for a couple of years but already consider him one of my best friends. He's always bragging about my collection of art so now I'm gonna brag about his. He's got some of the nicest pages of art that I've ever seen. Being Terry Moore's #1 fan he owns some killer Terry pages but they're frames so we don't get to see them. I guess we'll just have to settle for the other great art he owns.

John's been a friend of mine for a long time and I keep telling him he's the reason that I started collecting art. Basically the story is that in the '80's John purchased a page of John Byrne art from Marvel Two In One and I decided that, that was cool and would like to collect art too. Besides the art always looks better in person than in print. So with that said go and check out John's collection.

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