Let's get naked? What's that all about? Well that's actually the theme of the sketch book that all of these sketches come from. It started innocently with a Superman sketch and a funny caption and exploded from there. Please enjoy and if you are a minor please get permission from your parents before viewing as some of the sketches depict nudity.

Space... A collection of space related sketches and illustrations. Most of these have been commissioned and really aren't sketches but illustrations. Regardless. Everything here deals with space in some way. Whether it's a full blown sci-fi drawing of a humorous illustration with a twist they all fit somehow. Sit back relax and enjoy.

Artist's Choice is just what it sounds like. All the sketches here are sketches that the artist chose to do. I didn't prompt or help them decide what to draw. Basically what it amounts to are a bunch of quick sketches that really shine. I love and cherish every one.
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