-Hidden Treasure-
This sketch is on the back of Action Comics no.738 page.14. It's an affectionate tribute to Archie artist extrordinare Dan DeCarlo. The captions are as follows...

Clark: "Maybe Stuart & Jose should develop a new style!"
Lois: "Why Won't Joey call Dan DeCarlo to do Action 743?"
Jughead Supes: "Not unless he can change the costume!"

I love it!

I received the following email from Jose Marzan regarding this piece. It adds a ton of insight and gives proper credit to the parties involved...

Subject: Re: [comicart-l] Hidden Treasure
    Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 09:16:11 -0400
   From: Jose M <josexxxx@xxxxxx>
       To:  <comicart-l@xxxxxx>, <dvanhorn@xxxxxx>

"Hahahaha...I remember inking that one! Stu and I are big fans of Dan Decarlo's Archie & Betty and Veronica work.

"Funny thing is that the head at the bottom seems to be a Deni Rodier head. It's initialled "DR", and I have some art of Deni's that has a note personalized to me, and the handwriting is the same. Thing is, I don't know when he would've done it. It was certainly there when I inked the page (I even inked around the head...)

"There are other Archie gags on the backs of Superman pages. One I remember has Archie and Jughead standing over Supes, after having beaten the crap out of him saying "Now remember to stay out of Riverdale, and lay off our chicks".

"There are probably others out there as well."

So there you have it. Pencils on Clark and Lois by Stuart, Inks by Jose and the Jughead Supes by Deni Rodier.

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