• Simplicity itself: just send your name, address, payment as specified below, and the name(s) of the comic(s) you wanna get, to:
    John MacLeod
    P.O. Box 671
    Guelph ON N1H 6L3

  • Payment can be cash, check or money order [payable to me, natch], and please note that all prices include postage!


  • 8 pages, digest format, ten issues to date
  • 75 cents for one, 50 cents each for more than one
  • Dishman was my first small press comic, and remains my best-known. The first two issues have each sold over 5000 copies, which for a small press comic is pretty good.
    It's the story of a schoolteacher who suddenly gains the power of instantly cleaning dishes and putting them away by telekinesis, and his attempts to launch a career as a costumed crimefighter. It produces an effect of satirical absurdity by playing everything absolutely straight, so feel free to laugh. Dishman also has something of a rep for having an unusually large proportion of women readers: it's the superhero comic for people who don't like superheroes.
  • Please e me to find out
    which issues are currently in print.

    The Night I Almost Met Shonen Knife

  • 16 pages, mini format, one-shot
  • $1 per copy
  • In May 1994, I attended the first-ever Shonen Knife concert in Toronto. I had such a great time, I preserved the event for posterity as an autobio minicomic. Other folks who were at the same concert tell me I captured it pretty well. You can even get a sneak preview of the book and see for yourself. However, the bottom line is that Shonen Knife like this mini, so that's good enough for me!

    My Thoughts on Kurt Cobain

  • 16 pages, mini format, one-shot
  • $1 per copy
  • The day after Kurt Cobain's death was announced in 1994, I wrote a piece on my various thoughts at that time, and published it with illustrations as a minicomic. It gets into things like the meaning of art and life and all kinds of other heavy sutff I know nothing about. Reviews of the book to date have been very encouraging. Recommended not only for Kurt fans, but for anyone curious about all the fuss.

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